8th MaSC Workshop and Meeting

26-30 September 2017

HERCULES Laboratory

University of Évora

WORKSHOP (26 – 27, and 30 September, 2017)

There will be a two-day workshop held at the HERCULES Lab on the practical applications of gas chromatographic analysis using solid-phase microextraction (SPME) and pyrolysis for samples from cultural heritage objects. It will consist of lectures and hands-on use of the instrumentation using samples prepared by the HERCULES Lab and MaSC, as well as samples supplied by the participants. The two-day workshop will be limited to 12 participants owing to laboratory space constraints.

The third day of the workshop, which will be immediately after the MaSC Meeting and open to all, will cover the use of AMDIS and the ESCAPE method for data analysis and will use the results collected during the hands-on sessions. ESCAPE (Expert System for Characterization using AMDIS Plus Excel) was developed in the Getty Conservation Institute’s lacquer research project to systematize identification of compounds and relate them to specific artists’ materials present, and to standardize the presentation of py-GC-MS results.

Workshop instructors will include Cristina Dias, Dora Teixeira and Ana Manhita (HERCULES Lab), Christopher Maines (National Gallery of Art), Michael Schilling (Getty Conservation Institute), Henk van Keulen (Cultural Heritage Institute of the Netherlands), and others to be announced.

MEETING (28 – 29 September, 2017)

The meeting will be held at the University of Évora and will comprise discussions and presentations on novel applications of chromatographic and mass spectrometric techniques to the study of art and cultural artefacts. All meeting attendees will be welcome to register separately for the third day of the Workshop (see above) that will discuss the use of AMDIS and the ESCAPE method for analysis of gas chromatography / mass spectrometry data.

Further details and dates regarding registration fees, application procedure for the Workshop, abstract submissions for the Meeting, will follow in the coming weeks.


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